Gitano guitar support

The Gitano support is a compact device that is very reliable and sturdy. The great aspect about this support is its small size and the fact that in more spacious cases such as the Hiscox case, the Gitano can be left on the guitar while inside the case. This means that the position is the same each time you play and you wont have to spend time attaching and detaching it every time it comes out of the case. In more form fitting cases it will have to come off but because the metal bracket slides off from the suction cups you can still leave the suction cups on when the guitar is in the case.

Gitano Guitar Support

Gitano Guitar Support

Because of its size the Gitano will have your guitar sitting in a lower position than that of an Ergoplay, however, by experimenting with the positioning of the device on the lower bout of the guitar there are a range of playing positions that can be used.

The bottom line:

Compact, sturdy and functional this is a wonderful support that you should try and if it’s not for you then it will make a perfect backup support that can stay in your case.

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