2016 Guitar Foundation of America Convention

GFA imageOne of the most significant guitar festivals and competitions in the US is just around the corner. The GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) will be hosted in Denver, Colorado at Metropolitan State University June 20–25. As usual, this year’s GFA will host a huge vendors’ exhibit fair, including popular publishers, luthiers, and more—here’s a comprehensive list of all vendors.

The competition, one of the biggest in the world with one of the most impressive collection of prizes for winners, will feature three different categories, including the first ever ensemble competition.

The featured artists for this year’s festival once again make up a fantastic lineup: The Aleph Guitar Quartet, Cyro DelVizio, Duo Melis, Izhar Elias, Montenegrin Duo, Michael Nicolella, Judicaël Perroy, Marco Sartor, Raphaella Smits, Pat Sutton, Alexander Tsiboulski, Benjamin Verdery, Jason Vieaux, and Fabio Zanon.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet other guitarists, luthiers, and publishers, to hear great music in concerts and competition alike, and to listen to lectures, lecture recitals, and other creative presentations on the classical guitar.


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