New Manuscript of Romanza discovered!

Romanza for guitar

New manuscript of Romanza dicovered!

This funny “news release” came from some pluckers down under, in the Sydney Classical Guitar Society. Be sure to read the manuscript!

Leading 19th century music specialists have discovered what academics have confirmed to be the original manuscript of the world’s most famous guitar solo, Romanza. Age has wearied the manuscript and the composer’s name remains lost. However, barely legible musical markings confirm that for decades the performance practices of many beginner guitarists have led the vanguard of understanding of this sometimes complex music. Classical Guitar Review would like to thank Andrew Blanch and the Sydney Classical Guitar Society, who discovered the manuscript, for granting permission to publish this invaluable resource.

Download the PDF here and share this amazing discovery with your friends!

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21 Responses

  1. It doesn’t seem to be a manuscript but an old published copy by a publishing company. It would be considered a manuscript if it was written by hand. Maybe somebody can throw some light and explain why it is considered a manuscript. Thanks.

    Francisco Burgos

  2. Thanks Simon, I’ve been looking everywhere for my manuscript. I still have the second page but I only play it at special occasions.

    John Johnstone

  3. Richard says:

    A very significant piece of musical literature indeed!!

  4. Wise Guy says:

    And it’s not even April 1st.

  5. A closer look. Very funny!

  6. zenTaurus says:

    truly a jewel of a find!

    belated valentines day to everyone!


  7. Patrick Ards says:

    This is amazing….would really love to know who the composer was…..

  8. Patrick Ards says:

    Simon, I would really like to be able to share this find with other guitarists…is this possible ? As you know it is password protected…thanks a lot.

  9. wow! I think I must be a natural without realizing it! I play it just as the musical annotation suggests!

  10. Max says:

    Amazing that they had the Finale software program even before PCs!

    Good stuff.

  11. Ana says:

    I just lost all respect for this website; why would you let someone put up a blatant, fake, joke article about something as important as one of the most popular and mysterious pieces in the classical guitar repertoire (satire in this context is just stupid). Ironically you allowing this article to stand defeats your purpose and only categorizes you with every other non-relevant and worthless website. I was excited when I first found your website; now I am not only disappointed but angry I wasted my time. Great job alienating the community you should be embracing. P. S. if they found the original manuscript who wrote it?

  12. Miles says:

    I miss your humour Simon.

    Ana- Are you real, or a computer designed to be a total spaz?

  13. Arman says:

    Im with ANA this website is a joke and any one who thinks otherwise probably plays Nirvana to showoff, and probably thinks this place is an actual website.

  14. dofrenzy says:

    I just had to post a comment here to express my support! While some may have lost respect for this site, it has earned me as a fan! Funny!

    This little article reminds me of the time when I learned the first half of Romanza!

  15. wmh says:

    I agree with dofrenzy … who says classical guitar means not having a sense of humour? The article is in the ‘fun’ section after all as well. Lighten up guys/ gals!

  16. gene says:

    Well, you had me going there and I thought it was original and all… until I reached the end. There I noticed the note under the last measure : “optional encore: fist 16 bars of Asturias”.

    There is a spelling mistake: it should be ‘first’, and not “fist”!!!! Had it not been for that, I would never have guessed any wrongdoing. But, my keen eye picked it out after all.

    Therefore, I must conclude that this is a NOT an original manuscript! Shameful indeed of you to try and pull this on us, Sir!

    Fake Alert! Fake Alert! Fake Alert! There… I said it, ha!

    … lol!

  17. jaypas says:

    I love it. Sharp is optional. Skip this note. LoL!

  18. feng says:

    This is make with Sibelius, Funny,hah~

  19. Adam says:

    Ah, now if only someone could find the original manuscript for “Kumbaya” then all of the mysteries in the guitar world would be solved. Thanks for posting this great piece of scholarship.

    Thanks for sharing! : )

  20. Great sense of humor. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

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