The Classical Guitar Insider Interviews

I was attending a very well received cello and guitar concert by Rene Izquierdo and Ana Ruth Bermúdez yesterday when I was introduced to Bret Williams. I was told that he ran a very funny and candid interview series (podcasts) based here in New York. I had a listen to two interviews this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed what I was listening to.

I am a fan, and you should be too:


“Listen to the number one classical guitar podcast on iTunes, Classical Guitar Insider with Bret Williams. Bret reaches out in an effort to have honest, funny, and informative conversations with the guitarist, builders, educators and other troubled people who are the fabric of the guitar universe. Download for free

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Chasing Perfection


I have to admit, I'm one of those self-professed perfectionists. I like things to be done perfectly and I demand as much from myself. However, I've come to the conclusion that in music, striving for perfection is only half of our work. The other half … [Continue reading]

Stage Presence


It's difficult to know how we come across on stage or what we look like, until we watch our concert in its entirety, not just the pieces we played, but how we walked on stage, how we bowed, talked, stood up, walked off... There is so much more to … [Continue reading]

Stage Etiquette


As performers, we spend a lifetime practicing and improving our playing, which is the most important, without that we wouldn't even get a chance to walk on stage. However, rarely do we learn the do's and don'ts of what is acceptable etiquette when we … [Continue reading]