Sanel Redžić Plays Scarlatti (K377)

Sanel Redžić shared a wonderful post on his facebook page this week I think we can all learn from. Here is what Sanel had to say:

Domenico Scarlatti wrote 555 keyboard sonatas and this is one of my favourites. This recording was done in a hotel room in Chile day after I didn’t pass first round at the competition in Viña del Mar. I remember that I was so sad that I didn’t want to go out of my room, so I have asked a friend to borrow his brand new Smallman there and practice on it one day, while he was in the city. I wanted to prepare for Tokyo competition, which I won three weeks later. I didn’t like this recording by that time, but today I think it is not so bad. 🙂

As you can hear from the above video, not so bad at all. Often success begins with failure and sometimes it is when we are most uncertain that we find the energy to work toward something new.

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2 Responses

  1. Barata says:

    Fantastic guitar player. I didn’t know him before. You don’t need to record it in a studio to show your best 😉

    And congrats to winning in Tokyo.

    Carlos Barata

  2. GypsyJazz says:

    First of all! Congratulations on wining in Tokyo. You are simply amazing, we at GypsyJazz Student feels that, you are really great and just wow!

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