Author: Alvaro Mendizabal



In a world where it is increasingly difficult to conduct a sustainable life as a classical guitarist, any good news are a matter of celebration. Fortunately, 2015 provides many reasons to look at the...


Whither the Segovia Legacy?

Some years ago, during a conversation with one of the most influential classical music managers in the world, the words “Andres Segovia” were uttered. The manager’s response: “Who is that?” This would not have...

4 Reasons I won’t lend you my Guitar 11

4 Reasons I won’t lend you my Guitar

“My name is “Guitar Collector”. I might perform in the local guitar orchestra or attend the concerts that the Guitar Society of my locality presents. I buy the CD’s, I buy the season pass,...


Classical Guitar Orchestras: A Different View

These ensembles have taken the guitar world by storm and it seems no day goes by without a new orchestra being formed somewhere in the guitar landscape. The promises are many, and their supporters are fervent believers that this is the future of the guitar. Could this be?


Welcome to Changing Strings!

WHY DO WE CHANGE STRINGS? Growing up in Peru during the 90’s, brand new strings were a luxury few could either afford or accommodate. Monetary considerations aside, there were simply very few places when...