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Growing up in Peru during the 90’s, braimagesnd new strings were a luxury few could either afford or accommodate. Monetary considerations aside, there were simply very few places when one could find a set of D’addario, Savarez, or other strings. Augustine? Forget about it! Therefore, every time we got to change strings it was akin to getting a new guitar. It was a time to re-discover our instrument, and work on things that old strings would not allow us to do.

Over the last 40 years, the ‘classical guitar’ has undergone a transformation that has grown into a universe for its growing fan base, audiences and players. However, many strings in this new guitar universe remain old fashioned and becloud our ability to fully exploit the magic of our six stringed magic box. Just like changing strings in any guitar gives it a new breath of life, I trust these bi-monthly posts will engage the reader to broaden their perspectives in order to better understand the place that ‘classical guitar’ in society and the music industry at large. In doing so, I trust the reader will be able to better assess their own desires, goals and dreams and pursue them prepared with more accurate information. After all, information is power.

I would like to thank Simon Powis for being gracious enough to open up a venue for me to expose some of my ideas about the instrument we all love.

Yours Truly,

Alvaro Mendizabal


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