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Interview with Tariq Harb

Tariq Harb, originally from Jordan (with roots in Palestine), is one of the best young guitarists of his generation. He won some very important competitions recently, including the Barrios World Wide Web Competition (1st prize...


Ricardo Gallén and the Bach Lute Suites

I believe Ricardo Gallén is one of the most important classical guitarists in our world today. He is a font of knowledge, a master teacher, and a virtuosic musician who shows virtue in both...


An interview with Matthew McAllister

Matthew and I had the opportunity to perform and teach in a great festival in Lima. We had the chance to make a little interview. I hope you enjoy it!


The London Guitar Studio

When I was studying at the Royal Academy of Music I supported myself by page turning and ushering at the Wigmore Hall. The favourite part of every shift, however, was walking down after the...


An Interview with John Williams part 2

AP-L: That leads almost directly to my next question – in your opinion, is the guitar an intrinsically harder instrument to play than the major classical instruments, the piano and violin, given that there...

An Interview with John Williams part 1 1

An Interview with John Williams part 1

Interviewer: Austin Prichard-Levy Published with the kind permission of Ron Payne John Williams needs no introduction to classical guitarists, or indeed fine music lovers the world over; since his debut at the Wigmore Hall...