Eric Henderson

Eric Henderson began playing guitar at age six. At age thirteen his teacher took him to Los Angeles to attend a Concert by the great Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia. His teacher arranged a private meeting with Eric and Maestro Segovia, and upon hearing him play, Segovia invited Eric to come to Spain to study. Eric then became only the third person ever invited to study privately with Andres Segovia.

Eric Henderson

Eric Henderson

Eric remained in Spain to study guitar for the next four years. Maestro Segovia also arranged for Eric to study composition, theory, and interpretation with some of the leading musicians and teachers in Europe. Eric gave his professional debut at age fifteen in Malaga, Spain. When he was sixteen he signed his first contract with a European artist management company. In addition to his solo concerts he has performed with Symphony Orchestras in Madrid, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Hamburg, and Los Angeles.

After twenty years of touring Europe and the United States, Eric returned home to Laguna Beach, California where he remains very active with his music. He has worked on soundtrack projects with Sony Corp., and Lions-Gate films. He enjoys teaching, composing, and performing, and is currently awaiting the release of his eighth album. While Eric plans to return to touring, he considers himself fortunate to have so many musical opportunities while remaining closer to home. Eric says the two main reasons for that are his wife Virginia, and his ten year old son Jon.

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