How to make your own guitar humdifier

As I am writing this article the heating system is starting to chug to life in my room and once it is in full swing my room will become dry as a bone. This is bad news for any guitars lying around as the dryness will sap all of the moisture from the wood and cause havoc with the instrument. There are many humidifiers out there that keep your guitar in good condition but if you want to make one that is very simple, very effective and very cheap, read on…

Here is what you will need:

1 zip lock plastic bag

1 garden variety kitchen sponge

1 pin

1. Cut the sponge in half so it is about two inches square and wet it with water. Squeeze it out a few times so that the sponge is damp, you don’t want it soaking wet as water might get inside your guitar.

2. Put the sponge inside the zip-lock bag and poke some holes with a pin in the sides of the bag. Make sure the holes are not at the bottom of the bag because then excess water will have an escape route.

3. Zip up the bag and you’re done!

Suspend the bag in the sound hole by putting it in-between the strings. If you like you can tie a shoelace to the bag in case it falls inside the guitar but personally I have never had this problem. You can also keep one near your headstock.

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