Planet Waves String Winder and Cutter

The Planet Waves Pro String Winder and Cutter is a nifty device that combines a string winder with a sting cutter and saves you the hassle of carrying around two tools to do the job of one. The winder is constructed of durable thick plastic and has a winding tip that will
accomodate two different tuning peg sizes. The handle is longer than your average winder and is very comfortable to hold. The cutter is made from hardened steel and has made an easy job of cutting through all of my strings. There are no sharp edges to the cutter which will reduce any chance of scraping the finish of your guitar and it can easily cut the string close to the bridge. The winder tip also has a bridge-pin puller that comes in handy if you have a steel string guitar.

Bottom Line

This is useful, well-built tool that does three jobs in one.

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