Profile of the week – Pavel Steidl

Pavel is a one of a kind and he is a spectacular guitarist. I have never seen anyone bring out so many nuances in the guitar and evoke such an emotional response from an audience. I have seen people cry after watching him play but more often than not he will have the audience laughing aloud at his humorous interpretations of Paganini. A true artist and a wonderful teacher to boot, make sure you see this performer if he is within range of your gas tank!

Pavel Steidl

Pavel Steidl was born in Rakovnik (Czech Republic). Since he won first prize at the Radio France International Competition in Paris, he has become one of the most widely celebrated soloists of his generation. His highly expressive performances of rare 19th-century guitar literature on authentic instruments add a wonderful dimension to his already exceptional performances.

Pavel Steidl also composes himself and his own compositions are often played on his concerts.

P. Steidl played in more then 30 countries of the world from among Canada, Cuba, Spain, Poland, Austria, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Australia, Japan, England, Scotland and many others.

On demand of Italian Guitar Magazine Guitart his name appeard between eight most important guitarist of the year 2003.

Hudebni Mladi – Supraphone 1983
Tyden Nove Tvorby – Panton 1984
Pavel Steidl Debut – Panton 1985
Guitar / Music of the 18 th and 19 th centuries – Panton 1993
Masters of the Czech Classical Guitar – Pehy 1994
Kdyz mam nohy o mesic opreny – Panton 1994
Cantabile – Erasmus 1995 (Jan Opsitos violin)
L. Legnani – 36 caprices op. 20, Fantasia op. 19 – Naxos 1998 / Cat.8.554198
N.COSTE – Guitar Music Vol.3 – Naxos 2000 / Cat.8.554353
N. Paganini – Sonate&Ghiribizzi for guitar – Frame 2001 Italy
J. K. Mertz – Bardeklange, Frame 2003

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4 Responses

  1. benito says:

    Definitely a wonderful musician… You can even forget he plays the guitar… because he simply plays Music. He enjoys it, as much as the audience. I did cry and laugh indeed. Wonderful teacher too. I can’t stop going to his concerts and masterclasses. Most enjoyable off stage too!

  2. John says:

    Pavel is going around plagiarising phrases that Segovia said back in the late 50’s.
    It’s so funny seeing how he acts as if he’s letting us in on a big secret of HIS… 😉
    Intellectual plagiarism at its finest!

    • Peter says:

      Indeed. While I think some of his performances are really interesting, I think that he’s fairly new to the ideas that he himself expresses on that D’Addario video… so intrigued is he by what he himself is saying! And I do agree: “stealing” other peoples words and ideas without giving credit, is not a very nice thing to do.

  3. Brian Leslie says:

    Fantastic! What make guitar is this. All solid?

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