Vladimir Gorbach in Pennsylvania

Russian-born classical guitarist, Vladimir Gorbach, thrilled a Scranton, Pennsylvania audience with pieces from his CD fresh on the heels of his winning the Guitar Foundation of America competition in 2011. The operatic-like “Rondoletto, Opus 4” by Maro Guiliani was featured as was the Vicente Ascencio’s “Suite ‘Collectici Intim.’” There was also Astor Piazzolla’s “Spring-Summer-Fall Portenos“ and “El Mestre, Variaciones sobre un tema de F. Sor, opus 15” by Miguel Llobet.. And, of course, no classical guitar concert would be complete without sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti.
Gorbach’s technique is clean and surgical-like yet subtle and mesmerizing at he same time. The sound of his guitar was at times brilliantly clear and at others bravely somber, but always stunning in its depth of emotion. His mood of play would alternate between now smoldering passion and then joyful exuberance, now Segovian virtuosity and then captivating creativity. .
Words to describe Gorbach and his delicious craft range from ‘genius’ to ‘dreamweaver’ to ‘heroic.’ No mere dilettante, Gorbach is a true master craftsman of the classical guitar.

Review for Classical Guitar Review by Roy Whitman, Scranton, PA. copyright 2012

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