Carlé Costa

Carle Costa

Carlé Costa is internationally considered to be a unique and exquisite guitar performer.  He is a poetic and innovative composer, and with his own particular style is renovating the guitar´s language.

Costa has given recitals in Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru in prestigious international festivals, often presenting  his own compositions, his performances are received enthusiastically by the public and critics alike.

Carlé Costa was born in Uruguay in 1959, and grew up in Argentina. At the age of 13 years he began his classical guitar studies in Mar del Plata with the italian teacher José Smiroldo. At the age of eighteen he went to Buenos Aires to continue his studies in the National Conservatory of Music.  There he studied classical guitar by Horacio Ceballos.  Later he studied contemporary guitar with Miguel Angel Girollet, and also took classes in  composition, electro-acoustic music, analysis, philosophy of music  and chamber music,  with Guillermo Graetzer, José Maranzano, Vadim von Struckhoff, Mario García Acevedo, Pedro Chiambaretta, Helmut Lachenmann and Ivo Malec.

As a young concert artist, Costa was a pioneer in interpreting and teaching contemporary and avant garde music.  In 1986 he recorded his first album for the label Circe of Buenos Aires, with a selection of contemporary compositions (Brouwer, Tsilicas, Obrovská, Labrouve, Gervasoni and Costa). The recording was highly praised by both critics and contemporary music specialists.  In his own compositions  he developed and created extended techniques for the guitar and incorporated these techniques in his compositions.

Parallel to his artistic activities, Costa developed a treatise to communicate new concepts and spirituality in music, awaking the creativity of young musicians.  He gave courses, seminars and masterclasses in conservatories and universities of Argentine, Peru, Chile, Sweden and Germany.  He organized with others important guitarrists the “Campus of Contemporary Guitar” (2002 to 2005) who inspired the documentation film of Javier de Silvio  “Guitarra Adentro”.   He created and gave the artistic direction of the “International Guitarplayers-Composers Festival in the Cordoba Northwest” (2001 to 2005).

Carlé Costa,  with his compositional work, his quality to perform the guitar, and his unusual and deep vision about art, is considered at the moment one of the most important referents of the new generation of artists.

Since 2006 Costa has been residing in Berlin, Germany.

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  1. Carlé Costa says:

    Hi dear Simon,
    here Carlé, after so many time! Next September and October I will be peforming in the USA (Ihave concerts in California and Tennesee). Perhaps would be an ocassion to meet us again.
    Best and warm greetings,
    Carlé Costa
    Ahlener Weg 31
    12207 Berlin-Germany

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