Guitar Documentary calling for submissions

I am a film director and writer based in London, UK and am making a documentary film called SIX STRINGS about one of my passions: guitar music. My aim is to deliver a superb film and with the help of my production team, market it to film festivals around the world.

I am searching for six guitarists from around the world who have incredible stories to tell. They will form part of the documentary and may have the opportunity to contribute to the music within the film. I am looking to find passionate people who maybe have developed a unique playing style or have an incredible story to tell about guitar music – how it transformed or changed their lives and more about the mystique and influence of the instrument – the more extraordinary, heart rending or radical, the better!

Guitarists can enter their video pitch via their YouTube (or similar) account for an opportunity to appear in the film. The film is being funded by a crowdfunding business model and there are many ways for people to get involved and help out on this site.

I hope you will follow the journey and become involved in the making of this film and to promote the music of the beloved guitar.

James Smith, Director and Writer

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2 Responses

  1. I record for film all of the time in my own studio! I am a Yale grad, and have degrees in classical and jazz guitar performance. I would love to work on this film for you!

  2. Avril Kinsey says:

    Working in South Africa as a classical guitarist and composer has presented me with many unique and wonderful stories, especially when I was researching music for my ‘African-inspired’ guitar compositions.

    Interested in contributing. I have also written a full feature movie script and produced, so I know something of the medium.

    Avril Kinsey

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