CD Review – Filomena Moretti

CD – Jeux Interdits & other famous guitar encores

Transart TR168

Artist – Filomena Moretti

Reviewing recordings is easiest when they aren’t very good.  I mean, it’s easier to be critical, right?  People have made careers doing just that.  Putting aside, for the moment, the angst of writing something that may devastate the career of an emerging artist, it is much easier to pick faults than the reverse.  Indeed, it is often hard to put your finger on exactly why a great CD is great.

Such is the challenge for this CD of famous guitar encores by the Sardinian-born guitarist Filomena Moretti.  From the first musical phrase it is immediately apparent that Ms. Moretti has truly mastered her craft.  Her technique is flawless, a fact that should surprise no one familiar with her many international competition prizes and accolades.  The control of tempo and musical balance she maintains is testimony to a mature and thoughtful artist.  Her interpretation seems to get right to the heart of each composer’s ideas without the unnecessary personal ‘mark’ that other performers often add – usually detracting from the work.

One should hardly expect that a collection of famous guitar encores would include any duds.  After all, they were presumably chosen because they are – well – famous.  The programme reads like a graduation repertoire for any serious student, although it would be nearly impossible to keep all of them at the performance standard set by Ms. Moretti.

So, if you’re looking for a superb collection of guitar encores, this is it.  Filomena Moretti has assembled so many impressive jewels it is hard to imagine a more complete collection – including the title track – the poignant Narcisso Yepes arrangement of Fernando Sor’s “Jeux interdits.”  And if value for money is your thing, then the more than 78 minutes of music on this CD (I didn’t know that was possible) should seal the deal.


Dan S

Track Listing


Mallorca, barcarola, Op. 202
Piezas Características, Op. 92: Torre Bermeja

Barrios Mangoré:

Vals, Op. 8 No. 4
Una limosna por el amor de Dios
La Catedral


Ave Maria

Danza española, Op. 37 No. 5 ‘Andaluza’
Monti, V:
Rêverie nocturne, Op. 19
Ave Maria, D839
Jeux interdits
arr. Narciso Yepes
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Fantasia sobre motives de ‘La Traviata’
Capricho árabe

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  1. Ken Harwood says:

    Thank you for this nice review. I have listened on YouTube and love her playing, but I cannot find this CD anywhere. Only downloads.

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  2. February 15, 2014

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