Ergoplay – Troester Moder

Ergoplay - Troester

Ergoplay - Troester

The Troester model Ergo Play is the most elaborate of all the Ergo Play models. With two movable joints the device can be manipulated into almost any height and angle you can think of. The only restriction with this device is that it will never have the guitar sitting as low as the Gitano because of its rigid body that raises the guitar to a minimum height off the leg.

The Troester model is fairly bulky and it can be a little cumbersome to carry around but it really is the most malleable device on the market. You can have your guitar in seemingly limitless angles and heights while keeping your feet firmly, and ergonomically, planted on the ground.

The bottom line:

If you still haven’t settled on a good playing position with other devices then try the Troester model Ergo Play

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4 Responses

  1. Max says:

    I own this and I love it. It attaches with 4 suction cups and holds to the guitar nicely without falling off. Yes, it is bulky. But once you attach it to your guitar you can simply forget about it.

    My favorite feature of this is that it has two sections that attach to the guitar; one to the upper hip, the other to the lower hip of the guitar body (as shown above). Each of the sections are adjustable which allows for the strictest of personal preference. One thing that doesn’t seem to be intentional but really beneficial is that the ENTIRE guitar is “locked” on position. Normally, using the knee to rest the guitar on sometimes allows for the neck to move (ceiling-to-floor direction), forcing one to subconsciously think of stabilizing the guitar when playing. With the Ergoplay being attached to the majority of the body, one can maneuver around the neck with virtually no thought of holding the guitar.

    I wish I thought of this thing. I recommend it!

  2. Chris says:

    The ErgoPlay works great, I have some back problems and literally could not play without it.

  3. JW says:

    Yes, this Troester model can help to raise the guitar very high, even the flamenco position. Stable, but the two adjustment joints do not work well as they look or suppose to do: when you adjust the lower part (the part that contacts your thigh) to an angle, not line up with the upper parts (the ones with suction cups), it will twist the upper parts and change them to an awkward position in which all the suction cups cannot bind to the guitar; only two of them work, one on the upper bout and one on the lower bout, not two for each bout . If they use sphere joints, it would take care of this problem.

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