Isabella Selder Playing Bach on Four Historic Guitars

German guitarist Isabella Selders has a series of videos up with Siccas Guitars that show off her playing and musicianship. (If you haven’t yet seen Isabella playing Walton’s “5 Bagatelles” you should go find those right away: okay, I’ll make it a bit easier—start here.) Siccas’s most recent video with Isabella has her playing Bach’s “Sarabande” from Cello Suite no. 2 (BWV 1008) on four historic guitars: 1946 Enrique Sanfeliù; 1960 Hermann Hauser II; 1957 Ignacio Fleta (my favorite); and a 1961 Hermann Hauser II.

This is beautiful playing and these old-ish guitars have that . . . well, old-world sound many of us nostalgically remember from the old, great recordings of the giants of the classical guitar’s recent past.

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