Category: Great Performances


Yuri Liberzon Plays Vassiliev

Born in Russia and raised in Israel, now-San-Francisco-based guitarist Yuri Liberzon is an advocate for new music that also appeals to audiences, and is working to push the classical guitar’s repertoire to new limits (and...


Judicaël Perroy Plays Johann Dubez

Paris Guitar Foundation has been putting out some excellent, professionally produced videos recently and their most recent one with Judicaël Perroy playing Johann Dubez’s “Fantasia on Hungarian Themes” is well worth the watch. Dubez...


Matt Palmer Plays Luis de Narváez

Matt Palmer gained notoriety in the classical guitar world after he published his first book, The Virtuoso Guitarist, Vol. 1: A New Approach to Fast Scales. Matt’s organized overhaul of the “a-m-i” scale pattern (used...