Marek Pasieczny, “Lutosławski: In Memoriam”

Marek Pasieczny is a fantastic, young Polish composer who has written numerous compositions, mostly for guitar (including solo and chamber works and concerti). Marek is also a talented guitarist himself and plays many of his own compositions in a number of videos circulated on his YouTube channel.

The most recent composition and video (featuring Michal Stanikowski on second guitar) is a three-movement work in memoriam of Polish composer and conductor Witold Lutosławski in honor of the maestro’s one-hundredth birthday. This is incredibly creative writing and Marek and Michal play the piece together beautifully with all kinds of color and rhythmic surprises.

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  1. Jurek Zawislak says:

    please make an interview with him. he is great! I’m curious of his compositional process. (sorry my english is not best) 😛

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