Matt Palmer Plays Luis de Narváez

Matt Palmer gained notoriety in the classical guitar world after he published his first book, The Virtuoso Guitarist, Vol. 1: A New Approach to Fast Scales. Matt’s organized overhaul of the “a-m-i” scale pattern (used by Yepes and a number of others) showed off his seriously fast scales chops, in part due to his metal guitar past but mostly due to his from-the-ground-up right-hand technique. But Matt is way more than the classical guitar’s fast-scales guy—he is a seriously sensitive musician and guitarist who has attracted the notice of composers such as Olga Amelkina-Vera and others. He has established his own program in classical guitar at Washington College in Maryland and is the coordinator of the Eastern Shore Guitar Festival.

Here is Matt playing Luis de Narváez’s “La Canción del Emperador” on his new Michael Thames guitar.

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