Jason Vieaux Plays Bach and Armstrong

Classical Guitar Sessions Presents Jason Vieaux

Jason Vieaux is one of the only classical guitarists ever to win a Grammy. (That’s just something you have to say when talking about Jason—that’s a huge accomplishment.) This week the popular Classsical Guitar Magazine released a video with Jason talking briefly about and then playing a few pieces.

Here is Jason playing the Allemande and Gigue from Johann Sebastian Bach’s 1st Lute Suite (BWV 996) and his own (fantastic!) arrangement of the song made hugely popular by Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World.” Witness beautiful tone, incredibly sensitive phrasing, and, well, just good music. Kudos, Jason.

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4 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    No, David Russell won a Grammy in 2005…

  2. CGR says:

    Thanks, Robert. I completely forgot about the Russell win! I have updated the post. For those who don’t know, David Russell won a Grammy in 2005 for his incredible album “Aire Latino.”

    • Robert says:

      No problem.

      Really like CGR by the way.

      I must add, not to diminish Jason Vieaux’s accomplishment in any way, that Segovia also won a Grammy in 1958 and Julian Bream in 64,67,72,73 (alone, for chamber music and for an album with Williams).

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