Let off some steam!

O.K. the gloves are coming off and I am going to let myself rant for a little while. I had a slightly annoying week and I would like to share that annoyance in a therapeutic manner.

Rant. No 1

I own a very lovely Paul Sheridan guitar, which is a lattice-braced instrument. After a concert there is always someone who wants to admire the guitar and asks some questions. Fine. The very human instinct to touch things when we see them is understandable and for most that ‘do not touch’ sign in a museum is like a red rag to a bull. But, when I am standing there face to face telling someone that the soundboard is very thin , so thin that you could easily puncture it with your finger, and they proceed to bang on it like a drum, I can’t help but get a little peeved.

Rant no.2

As I am writing this I am 27 and I have spent the last 8 years in higher education receiving a bachelor degree, masters and doctorate. So when I am performing for a private concert and after playing a Bach sonata the organizer comes up to me and says “we really just wanted some Gypsy Kings, could you play something like that?” I can’t help but get a little miffed.

Rant no. 3

Things that are not funny after the 100th time

“What have you got in that case? A machine gun? Hahaha”

“What do you mean you don’t know Hotel California?”

“Do you mind doing it for free? It will be good practice for you!”

“Ewwwwww, look at your nails!”

“Oh that’s a nice hobby, but what do you really do?”

“It cost your life saving huh? Can I have a go?”

Let off some of your own steam below…

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