Planet Waves Clip on Tuner

Planet Waves has produced some great products over the years and the Planet Waves Clip on Tuner. tuner is no exception. Compact, accurate and user friendly this clip on tuner is one of the best of its kind on the market today.


The Planet Waves clip on tuner is very compact and therefore discreet enough to be used on stage. The clip attaches easily to the headstock of the guitar and works very well if sneakily attached to an Ergoplay support. Its size does bring some disadvantages in that the buttons are small and the display is fixed in one position, however, having only two buttons (on/off, pitch up/pitch down) keeps things simple and the device can be sufficiently rotated on the clip to make a good angle to the eyes. The display is small but very clear with good backlighting and an intuitive moving meter to show if the pitch is sharp or flat.

The simple sturdy construction of this tuner means that you can transport it easily in your case or bag without any fear of it getting damaged.


After trying several digital tuners I am impressed with the accuracy of the Planet Waves clip on tuner. In general clip on tuners are very accurate but some still need adjustment by ear. I had no such issues with the Planet Waves tuner.

The tuner is chromatic so you are not limited to just the standard notes of guitar tuning. This is great for scordatura but more importantly it can be used for any instrument you can get the clip on to which makes this little gem perfect for a music teacher who has to get a group of instruments in tune in a noisy environment.

The tuner uses a small round flat battery which comes in the packaging. I have been using the device for several months now and it has yet to falter.

The bottom line:

This guitar tuner will save you time and stress it’s a great product that should be in every guitarists case.

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  2. tommytunes says:

    Nice review, I’ve used this unit and like it , also like the clip on GoGo TT-1 tuner as well.

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