Planet Waves Humidifiers

Suspended Humidifier –

The Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier hangs between the strings and sits in the sound hole when the guitar is not in use, delivering that precious moisture to the wood. Because of its design, with holes on the side, there is no risk of droplets spoiling that beautiful tag inside the guitar. Being suspended from the strings protects the finish of the guitar having no contact with the body at all. Includes a water syringe for filling.

In-case Humidfier –

This nifty little egg-shaped number sits inside the case (really the only place it will sit comfortably is near the headstock) and does its job. This Planet Waves Humidifier does not release moisture directly inside the guitar but rather keeps the inside of the case humid. It does come with some adhesive Velcro patches to secure it inside the case but in my experience they don’t hold fast for long. This one might work well in tandem with one that goes inside the guitar body.

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