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Rey, a reader of Classical Guitar Review, recently emailed me some questions. I thought they might be better answered by some of you, so please feel free to help out Rey with his questions in the comments below.


Thanks everyone!



Dear Sir/Madam,

Hey, my name is Rey from Indonesia. I want to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind…
Do you know anything about Bert Kwakkel neck construction that uses only ONE PIECE of rosewood for the neck&fingerboard?
Do you know anything about 3 pieces of soundboard (cedar-spruce-cedar) that Andrea Tacchi has made?
Do you know anything about using balsa wood for traditional bracing?
Do you know anything about the HARD shellac? I heard that it can produce more durability for French polish finishing…
Hope you can answer all of my questions. Thank you for your kind attention.
Best regards,

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  1. seanstshibe says:

    Hey Rey,

    I play a Bert Kwakkel Merula Special at the moment, which has the onepiece rosewood for neck and fingerboard, I believe this model is the one he produces the most.
    On another note, did you come to my concert with Ian Watt in the Sichuan Conservatory Concert Hall in Chengdu, December 09? If you’re the same Rey I remember you 🙂

    Sean Shibe

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