Carlos Pérez plays for TEDx

A really wonderful performance from a great musician. Carlos talks (in Spanish) very eloquently about the guitar, its repertoire and the mix of elements in music from South America.


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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    The 1st piece he plays is absolute rubbish.
    What an incredibly poor choice. I mean… it’s recorded from TED who’s main video themes are “ideas worth spreading” and it’s meant for a larger audience, not only guitar fanatics.

    But if you’re a really good performer you’re almost guaranteed to play some crap at some point in your career… because you’ll be handed a crappy composition that’s dedicated to you or something similar.
    People should learn from Segovia in this respect. It doesn’t matter who wrote it and it doesn’t matter if it’s dedicated to him: if it’s crap… DON’T PLAY IT!

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