Accord Case Review

Beautiful, strong, and damn expensive.

The accord cases have been around for some time now and they have done well to establish a reputation for making quality carbon fiber cases for a range of purposes.


Simply put, these cases are beautiful. With a high gloss finish or matte finish and a sculptured, curvaceous frame Accord cases attract attention and admiration wherever they go. However, this may not always be the desired effect in some places around the world where its better not to advertise that you have your life savings attached to your back. Carbon fiber has a very distinctive weave pattern that Accord has allowed to dominate the surface of the case. As you can see in the photos in this post the cases are spattered with a paint effect that makes each case look unique. There are many colors to choose from – the two pictured here are red and “safari”. The inner lining has a beautiful velvet sheen and also comes in various colors.


Accord cases are crafted very well and there has been no expense spared on the materials used. The four latches are easy to use and they feel very strong. Out of all the cases I have owned, the latches have caused the most frustration. After all the problems of hooks catching, locks not working, and entire latches breaking its nice to come across functional sturdy latches like these. Also having only four latches (as opposed to six on other cases) means less hassle when opening the case. That said, the two halves of the shell do stick together when opening the case making it a two-hand operation.


The handle is also top quality with a nice leather grip and a firm attachment to the carbon shell. The case has several rubber feet that allow you to prop the guitar up on its end or flat on the floor without scratching any surfaces.


The hard shell of the Accord case is for all intents and purposes – puncture proof. If you have a search around on the internet you might find some funny videos of people jumping on the case, driving over it or maybe shooting it with a gun – who knows – but this case is rock solid and with common use it will never be punctured. What no case can claim, the Accord included, is complete protection from being dropped. With such rigidity the Accord case would actually transfer the energy of an impact quite well to the inside of the case. The cushioning provided by the lining will add protection in these situations but as the case is so slim, there will never be enough to fully protect the instrument from a big fall onto a hard surface… like airport tarmac.

Weight and Size

Carbon fiber is strong and light which means that your back/carrying hand will thank you for investing in a light case. I have come across lighter cases but never ones that provided such protection in tandem with very little weight. Being form fitting means that this case will have a better chance at fitting in over head lockers on plains trains and automobiles.

Back-straps and lumbar support

The two cases that were used for this review both had back-straps added to the case. The standard case does come with some straps that can be attached, but this particular setup used additional hooks and latches that allow for a much more elaborate and comfortable strap system. The attachment includes a bag to put sheet music in, a lumbar cushion (that can be detached and used as a seat cushion) and a very comfortable pair of cushioned straps. More than anything it is the ergonomic positioning of the straps that makes this addition so impressive. Impressive doesn’t come cheap unfortunately and the addition of this kit cost around 200 euros (around 280 USD)

The down sides of the additional kit is that the case no longer lies flush against the floor when you put it down and it would also prevent you from using a Colorado case to get it on-board flights. The cushion is easily removed, the straps also with a little effort but the small bag is attached permanently.


Here is the sad part. If you want an Accord case it is going to set you back anywhere between $1500 and $2000 depending on the dealer, setup and customizations. If you have that kind of money to throw around then it’s a bit of a no-brainer but for the rest of us you might want to consider if you really need such an expensive case and how often you have javelins hurled at your back.

Bottom line

If you can afford it, get it. Otherwise there are plenty of cheaper cases that offer a little less protection, are a little heavier and don’t look quite as good, that will suit you just fine.

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