Marcelo Kayath, “Suites & Sonatas” (new CD release!)

Guitar Coop is a relatively recent association of guitarists coming together to create a new musical experience for guitar nerds (of which I consider myself one), globally. They have already put together several well-produced videos of masterclasses, performances, and interviews (most recently some older interviews with Sergiu Abreu). One of the integral members of Guitar Coop is Marcelo Kayath. Marcelo is well known for his incredible, virtuosic playing and some excellent recordings he did a few decades ago.

So it’s really exciting news that, together with Guitar Coop, Marcelo will be releasing a new upcoming CD called “Suites & Sonatas” with music of Bach, Weiss, Sor, and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Here’s a teaser video with Marcelo playing excerpts of Sor’s “Sonata” (op. 15b). This will be the first album Marcelo has released in over twenty-five years! Keep your ear to the ground for this one. (Or just follow along at Guitar Coop’s website or facebook page. Either way.)

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